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The GTA Network IRC is part of GTANet. The network is built around the GTA community, setup to provide a central location for all discussion relating to the games, the mods and almost anything else (within the rules). Since the IRC became part of GTANet late in 2004, it has expanded and grown to host some of the largest GTA-related chatrooms on the net.

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Latest network updates

Services have been updated to Anope 2.0

by Peter, on May 5th, 2014

We have updated the services (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) running on GTANet to Anope 2.0. Next to a plethora of security and stability fixes, a number of new features have been introduced:

  • Certificate authentication is now available on NickServ for those using a secure connection.
  • NickServ can now curate a list of channels to automatically join after you identify through /ns ajoin.
  • Channels may now have multiple owners through the /cs qop command.
  • Locking a channel's modes has been moved to the /cs mode #channel lock command.
  • Multiple channels can now keep their settings in sync using the /cs sync command.

Under the hood we've made significant improvements in account security, and moved storage of the services' configuration and settings to a proper database instead of text-based files.

On a tangent, we have updated all servers on the network to InspIRCd 2.0.16, taking care of certain desynchronization issues a few users have reported running in to.

If you experience any difficulties with your accounts or channels, please join us in #CallCentre.

GTANet is now available over IPv6

by Peter, on February 2nd, 2014

Two of our servers are now accepting connections over IPv6:

  • maple.nl.eu.gtanet.com: 2001:1af8:4300:a01e:1::2
  • aventine.de.eu.gtanet.com: 2a01:4f8:a1:221::3

The round-robin address irc.gtanet.com has been updated with the relevant AAAA-records as well, so clients looking to connect over IPv6 will be send to one of those servers automatically.

We're looking into making IPv6 available on more of our servers.