GTANet vHost (Virtual Host) Policy

A virtual host is a way of replacing your default hostmask with either a domain name or a group of words. It can only contain lowercase characters and dots and must be between three and forty characters in length. It also must contain at least one dot.

The GTANet Staff are perfectly happy to provide users with virtual hosts providing that they use this privilege in a responsible way. Some brief guidelines are provided below for requesting and using vHosts on the network. All rules apply for both users and bots. Mind that owners of bots must verify they have control of the bot's nickname in order to request a vHost for it. This must be done by making the bot join #CallCentre and having it say something.

  1. Your Virtual Host may not contain any racism, discrimination, swearing, flaming or any other kind of improper language.
  2. For domain names, you have to prove that you either are the owner or have permission from the owner in order to use it. More information regarding this is provided below.
  3. Ban Evasion using vHosts will result in your vHost being dropped immediately. It will also exclude you from getting a new vHost for the period of at least one year.
  4. If previous vHost requests have been denied, or you have had your vHost removed. do not request it again from another member of staff.

vHosts are the lowest priority of GTANet Staff, so it might take a while for your request to be answered. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in your vHost being removed and further requests being denied. All vHosts are assigned at the discretion of the network staff.

To request a vHost, join the Network Help Channel #CallCentre, state your vHost and wait.

Requesting a domain name as a Virtual Host

In order to get a domain name as your vHost, you have to prove that you either own or have permission to use the domain name of your choice. This must be done by uploading a file to the domain referring to GTANet and #CallCentre, together with the nickname you want to have it associated with.

It is possible to get a nonexistent domain name as your Virtual Host, however, these will be looked at on a case-to-case basis.

To request a vHost, join the Network Help Channel #CallCentre, state your vHost and wait.

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