Standard Network Rules for Users

If you have any queries or questions about these rules, you may ask a member of staff in #CallCentre for further explanation.

Failiure to abide by the rules will result in kicks, bans, and shuns dependant on the severity, and whether the issue is channel related, or network wide.

There are two types of people who will enforce these rules, channel operators have limited power and can kick and ban from channels. IRCops control the whole network, and the more technical side of things. If you have a problem you are welcome to approach any operators in #GTA or #CallCentre.

These rules are GUIDELINES. Some channels we will be more leniant about than others, and other matters which are not listed here may result in action being taken.

  • No Warez (pirated software/movies/music, no-cd cracks, etc...)
  • In major network channels, porn or any pictures containing nudity may be forbidden at the operators' discretion.
  • Don't advertise. A link relating to something on the topic of discussion is fine, but spamming channels with links to your homepage isn't.
  • No racism, or other forms of discrimination.
  • No impersonating IRC staff, Forum Staff, or anyone else for that matter, especially those registered with NickServ and regulars.
  • No ban evasion: Attempting to avoid a ban which was placed on you, your IP changing is not an excuse.
  • No flooding, or any action taken on purpose to irritate or disrupt the discussion taking place in a channel.

The network's staff do not interfere in other people's channels, do not ask an IRCop to unban you from a channel.

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